FAQ for Party reservations

What party should I book?

We want you to have the perfect party so here are a few things to consider. Also have a look at our galleries to see what space and "typical" arrangement you see in each category. We can do any theme we have listed as any size party. HOWERVER please be aware that each party package contains different levels of decor. Whatever party you are looking at, you may also see an occasional upgrade, or items brought in by parents. To clarify what items we have on hand you can always ask us!

  • A Midi is ideal for 8-10 children and includes a guest table, the cake table and backdrops plus food table. Outside food is permitted in the designated party areas.

  • A Mega is ideal for larger groups, the extra tables and space will come in handy if you have additional adults. The Mega includes extra guest tables, cake table with side tables and backdrop. Outside food is permitted in the designated party areas.

  • Then we have our more simple Mini party, available on weekdays ONLY!! This is perfect for a small group to celebrate, and pizza is INCLUDED to make it even easier, just bring a cake! (NO outside food is allowed in the cafe, but you can of course order food from our menu with this option)

Why can't i see the theme I want?

  • Not all themes are shown in our galleries but most are if you skim through. If its on the list we can offer the theme. You can also custom order a theme not listed!

I want to call & ask questions or book but can't get through, what can I do?

  • Sometimes we are unable to answer the phone due to food orders, or we have an activity happening. BUT you can text us or email us or stop in of course!!

Why do I need to text the event planner? I like to speak or meet in person!!

  • As much as we would love to meet with every parent prior to a party to talk over the details, we would have to increase the cost of the packages to include this additional 1-1 time. Help us keep it simple & cost effective!

  • Our event planner is decorating and helping guests on weekends, and during the week she is at home being a mom. So by texting her you allow her to answer questions when she is available.

  • BUT the MAIN reason ask you to text or email us is to track details. We have multiple parties every week ALL with varying details & colours. So having a text or email keeps it easier for us to track those details so we can make sure we get everything perfect!

Can I share my ideas with the event planner?

  • YES, 100% We love to see your ideas. Send us pinterest screenshots. Send pictures of any items you have already purchased so we can color match!

  • Send us pictures of the food and cake/cakes you plan to bring, it helps us plan the table arrangement.

  • Also feel free to direct us to the party you see in our gallery that you love the most! That also helps us know what you want. EVERY SINGLE party is different in some way. So showing us in advance means we are able to plan your party!

Can I decorate myself?

  • You booked with us to save a huge amount of stress, mess & worry. We want your input but let us take care of the decor. ITS WHAT WE LOVE TO DO!!! 

Can I bring extra decorations in?

  • We invite you to bring additional decorations to add. You are welcome to drop off all items the friday before your party weekend. We ask not to drop off during someone else's party, as we may not have the ability to go over things with you. Also if you have key decor items that you want us to use, please drop off in advance so we can make sure they fit/work! IF for whatever reason it doesn't work, we still have time to make a plan B!

Can you inflate MY balloons?

  • There is a world wide shortage of helium at the moment. So we are limiting balloons to only what we need to ensure our parties are beautiful. IF this changes we may again be able to offer this, at the cost of gas (depending on balloon size)